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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anti-Plastic Pollution (3 ways to contribute)

It's been a while since i last made a post here in my blog. As a comeback, I decided to make my new post quite meaningful. This is about the environment. Yes! I've always wanted to be active in making our environment better but I have never been consistent. This time I will try my best to retain my spirit and passion in saving the emvironment.


 What inspired me was this show I watch in tvN called Hyori TV (i will post about this show later).

 When i went to Tagaytay, i noticed that almost all stores in there uses paperbags rather than plastic bags. And when I went to Manila, supermarkets, department stores, botiques, and others, strongly promotes totte bags or reusable bags to their customers for shopping. So anyways, I decided to focus my environmental passion in anti plastic pollution.

Plastics are almost non-biodegradable, which means it will never be decomposed, and it will retain in the surface of the earth for a very very long time. Just imagine how much volume of plastics are made each day and people just throw it away! I can just foresee mountains of trash plastics covering our mountains, and there will be no more space for plants to grow and animals to live. Plastics thrown at see may dominate the waters and there will be no more space for fishes and other sea animals to lay eggs and swim.

1. Recycle and Reuse Plastics. 
There are variety of ways you can make disposable plastics useful at home or work. You can it out and make it useful in other bizzare ways. Microwavable plastic containers can be used as container of accessories with its transparent quality.

2. Use Recycable Multi-Use Shopping Bags.
I'm so happy these items are available everywhe at very affordable and cheap prices. These things also comes in different designs and colors.

 3. Reuse Plastic Jugs and Bottles.
I read that reusing plastic water bottles is harmful to health - I say don't but them. I advise to buy those plastic jugs or water containers that are safe to reuse, like this Sola Iced Tea container. It is also better to bring along water with you so you will not be forced to buy water from disposable bottles if you become thirsty.

 There are actually numerous ways to fight plastic pollution, but it all starts with prevention - prevent buying plastics and gathering them in your home or work.

 As for me, whenever I get medicines from the pharmacy, I prefer to put them on scratch papers-made-to-small-bags than putting on a plastic bag.

 I also bought from a beauty store called HBC, and they just give you out the product and receipt without the plastic bag. They have this slogan "Walang Plastikan" (no plastic).

 Anyways, there will be more about this. I am so excited to share with you my ideas and pledges for our environment.


I would really love to hear from you.. Feel free to comment and leave your blog site.. I'm also interested to see what you're up to! Thanks!

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