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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Dangers of Cosmetic Products

My mom sent me an e-mail about cosmetic products - concerns about cosmetic products. It is actually an article or slideshow from webmd. I learned a lot from it, and now I will be very cautious about cosmetic products.

Here are some cosmetic concerns and solutions I learned:

Make Up Expires even if the expiration date is not written on the label. I started to look over the labels of some of my eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes - and there's no expiration date written! I think everything must have an expiration date, right? Now I'm panicking!

Preservatives on make up may break over time which will allow bacteria to grow. And just imagine putting it on your lips, your eyes - with all those bacteria! Ew! Here are the following "guideline use" given by webmd:

Foundation                           -    1 year
Blush/Powder/Shadow         -     2 years
Lipstick                                -     1 year
Mascara                               -     3 to 4 months

Now I'm going to throw some of those "overdue" make ups I have!

Is Mineral Make Up Better? Yes of course....compared to the normal make up products. It contains less irritating components and preservatives, but may still contain allergens. So if you're an overly sensitive person, make sure to use mineral products cautiously, and if you start to show allergic symptoms, do not neglect it but immediately consult your physician.

The good thing about mineral make ups is that they contain Tinatanium Oxide or Zinc Oxide which are the built-in sun-protecting component of mineral make ups. But although it is sun-protecting, you cannot rely solely on it. It is still advisable to use sun-protecting creams or sunscreen below your mineral make up.

Sunscreen Safety is very important. I honestly do not use sunscreen everyday (just when I have to go out on a very hot and will require me being exposed to the sun) because it makes my skin sticky and it makes me uncomfortable (I use umbrella instead - LOL). On my face, it just makes my face sweat especially when I am exposed on the hot weather outside (Philippines is a very hot tropical country). Instead of sunscreen, I use  base foundation cream which have sun-protecting components.

Sunscreen is proven safe in protecting your skin against ultraviolet rays of the skin. It also reduces the risk of skin cancer. People who have white skin (hypopigmented skin) are more risk of skin cancer than those with brown of dark colored skins. The danger in sunscreen is when you chose the sunscreen that is too weak. 

To protect against UVA & UVB, chose a sunscreen that has a "broad spectrum" ability. It is also advisable to choose those with SPF 30 or higher; it reduces high risk of cancer, and will also prevent early aging of skin.

Do you know that there are also Risks in Nail Salons? Yes! I have heard about this since I was in college. Now I know why my mom did not like me going on nail salons. Since I was in high school, I learned how to do my own manicure and pedicure (but of course I am not as good as those working on nail salons).

The materials they use in cleaning your nails are also same materials they use in cleaning their other clients' nails. And you do not now what disease or micro-organisms (bacterias, parasites, etc)  those other clients carry! What I do is that I bring my own materials on the salon and let them do the work. Make sure the worker washed his/her hands before they start working on your nails.

Nail products such as nail polishes may also cause skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract irritation due to the its chemical components such as formaldehyde, phthalates, acetone and toluene.

Parebens are the most common preservative used in make ups, moisturizers, and hair care products. Paraben has been found in breast tumor, but no study indicated that it caused the cancer. Some studies say that "implausible" amount of Parabens can lead to cancer.

It is better to read the labels before buying products. Although cosmetics tend to spoil fast without Paraben, there are alternatives to that. Some products use Vitamin C or Vitamin E as preservatives. I'm on the right tract now since I stopped using other moisturiser and started using Vitamin E lotion of my face.

I naturally have a kinky frizzy hair, and since I became conscious with my looks, I never missed an appointment with hair straightening or rebonding. Although Hair Rebonding gave me overly satisfying results, I was also put at risk every time I undergo such procedure. During the process, hair undergoes exposure to chemicals, to cold and to heat which may cause hair loss. We have a supervisor in the hospital who went bald after over-doing her hair with rebonding; she had to wear a wig for months. They also say that rebonding may  put you at risk of cancer.

We now have a new hair straightening technology called Keratin Hair Straightening. It is popularly called Brazilian Keratin Treatment (as it originated from Brazil). According to a study, half of the products used for this procedure contains quite a big amount of formaldehyde which is known to cause cancer. Dr. Ellen Marmur, a dermatologist from Mount Sinai Medical Center, raised red flags about the potential risk of BKT on the Eearly Show on CBS.

As an alternative, I can suggest using conditioner in taming your hair. You can also use hair flat iron for occasional needs of straightening hair. Hair flat iron also brings potentials risks that's why it should not be used on everyday basis. You can also consult your stylist for safe products you can use in taming your hair.

I was due for another hair rebond last early December 2011, but I decided to postpone since I am having second thoughts about the procedure. I want to find an alternative for my hair but still make me look good.


  1. Excellent tips. I need to be more mindful about throwing away old products.


  2. thanks for sharing this about make-up. i tend to collect. apparently it's a bad idea.

    And that tip about using vitamin E instead of moisturizer is helpful.

    What brand can you recommend?

    Is the moisturizer from Myra one of those safe moisturizers they use Vitamin E right? I've just switched to that recently.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad I helped...

      I'm not sure about Myra since I've never used it before... But some of my friends say that it a good moisturizer, especially the one for morning use...and it's not giving them pimples (since some of them have very choosy and sensitive skins).

      I am currently using Michelle Care's Vitamin E Lotion... It's for body and face lotion but I use it on my face only.. It gave me good results and I did not develop pimples.



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