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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lauren Condrad with Pink Hair! How?

Lauren Condrad tweeted a picture of her newly-colored pink hair strands. According to her hair colorist, Kristin Ess, they used pink chalk to temporarily color Condrad's hair. It is fun to use chalk because it's so easy to wash away but  Ess advised  to wear your hair on a bun because the color might go to your clothes.

Ess said that she and Condrad will post a tutorial on how to color your hair with chalk on their website.

I just wonder if coloring hair with chalk will be effective with dark brown or black hair? Condrad has blond... I just wonder... Maybe it's up to me to figure it out! LOL.


  1. When I was in high school my Dad showed me how to dye my hair temporarily with Koolaid...My brother had blonde hair too but it wouldn't stay in his hair.I don't know about dark hair. All you do is get any koolaid you want and just add a lil bit of water to make it pasty and put it in your hair. I forgot how long you let it set, but all you had to do was rinse it out.And there you go.

    1. koolaid? wow! that's really amazing.. i didn't know that.. thanks for the info...

  2. I tried coloring my black hair and it did not work. Sorry, but with Asian hair you need to bleach first, which I recommend doing at salons only.

    1. thanks for the info, girlie blogger... if that's the case, then i have to say goodbye to temporary pink hair... i don't relaly like to bleach my hair since i'm already happy with its natural color...

    2. You could always lighten your with lemon juice or this stuff called Sun In Hair Lightener Tropical Breeze, but with lemon juice you have to be careful because its acidic. The sun in hair lightener I've only seen in Walgreens but it supposedly isn't harsh on your hair and is chemical free.Last I've also heard chamomile tea works.

      For people who want to lighten their hair without bleaching.....

    3. that's a nice suggestion...thank you! i'll look over the internet if that product is available in our place... i like chemical-free products..

  3. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.
    But i must say, you did not follow me !


  4. nice pink hair


  5. When I was younger I always colored my hair with Kool-aid. Haha. Blue was my favorite


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