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Friday, January 6, 2012

SNAIL based cosmetic products - HOW COME?

I saw from the TV, from a Korean channel, about snail-based beauty products. It's quite popular now in Korea. SNAIL-BASED??! Sound gross! It was the first time I heard about it. So I did some research and I would love to share it to my readers.

During the 1980's a family from Chile who own a snail farm discovered that their hands became extremely soft after handling snails. They skins were damaged or injured due to handling snails but it heals fast leaving no scar and causing no infection. The family's eldest son, Dr. Fernando Bascunan, made a rigorous scientific study. Snails have the capability to heal or regenerate their own shell when damaged or diseased. The result of the study showed that snails can also regenerate human skin. This led to the using snail secretions for skin health purposes.

These are the properties of the snail secretions that's beneficial for human skin:

1. Allatonin  - makes regeneration of skin possible

2. Proteins - primary function is for growth and repair of body tissues

3. Collagen & Elastin - are the main component of skin's tissues making the skin elastic

4. Glycolic Acid - acts as natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells

I haven't really tried snail-based products but now that I know its history and components, I am very much interested to try one. Besides, it is popular nowadays in Korea and Korean are well know for having and taking care of their white flawless skins. I hope I just hope can find stuffs here in our city. The components are very familiar to me since I studied nursing and I know that all those are really good and beneficial for the skin.

If ever you have stores near your place that's selling snail-based cosmetic products, I think it is safe to try it. But it would be better to consult your dermatologist first before using any product.

Here are some of the snail-based products that I searched:





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