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Monday, January 9, 2012

Do It Yourself Home Facial

I honestly haven't been to a dermatologist just for beauty care purposes. The only time I consulted a derma was when I panicked after having a small 2nd degree burn on my face caused by a hot cooking oil when I was frying a nice pork dish. The dermatologist gave me a topical antibiotic and just told me to return if a scar mark will form.  It was years ago (I was still an adolescent), though, and fortunately the scar did not leave a mark, so I did not return to the dermatologist. LOL.

So anyway, now that I'm a young adult, I always encounter my friends and workmates going to dermatologists and having facials. I'm really curious what facial is about, and if should I have one done for myself? My friends tell me that once you have facial done to your face, you should be able to maintain it and have it done every month. They tell me that it's painful since they sometimes have their pimples manually removed (or pricked). Facial nowadays is becoming cheap due to the growing competition among dermatologists and skin care centres. I guess it's just hard for me to find someone I can trust my skin with.

As for me, I've never had facial or any procedure done on my face before. Though I have pimple marks as remembrance of my very stressful college life, I don't really have any problem with my facial skin. So anyway, I decided to start taking care of my skin this year (that I should be conscious with my skin), and I wonder if facial will be healthy for me. I am a believer of natural beauty, so I decided to look for alternatives of facial (done one clinics), like do-it-yourself facial.


Headband/ hair pins
Face Towels
Hot Water
Warm Water
Cold Water
Facial wash indicated for your skin type
Scrub / Exfoliant indicated for your skin type
Mask indicated for your skin type
Moisturizer indicated for your skin type

Here are the steps in the DIY Facial.

1. Have your hair clipped or controlled my headband to prevent it from going to your face or having it wet

2. Wash your face with your facial cleanser to remove make up and pollution, and dry with a clean towel

3. Pour hot water on a basin, and have your face steamed over it. You can put a towel at the back of your head, lean over over the basin at a comfortable distance from the water - this is to keep the steam focused on your face. The hot steam will open your pores.

4. Using a warm water, wash your face and apply the scrub or exfoliant. Massage your  face in a circular outward motion. A circular motion when massaging helps promote blood circulation on that area.

5. After thoroughly massaging your face (when you feel relax already), rinse your face with a warm water and dry with a clean towel.

6. Apply a mask on your face, let it stay for some time (according to the instructions written).

7. Rinse the mask with warm water.

8. Rinse second time using cold water, and dry your face. The cold water will close your pores

9. Apply your moisturizer

10. Find a place to lay down, close your eyes, and put cucumber on your eyes.

11. Have a nice music, relax, and feel your being beautiful

I already did these steps, and it really made me feel good after doing the procedure. The products I used were: St' Ives Appricot Scrub, Olay Facial Foam Cleanser, St. Ive's Face Mask, Olay Facial Moisturizer. I feel naturally relax and beautiful. Try it yourself!

Olay Facial Cleanser
St. Ives Appricot Scrub

St. Ives Facial Firming Mask

Olay Moistuzing Cream


  1. Excellent routine. I would also suggest steaming your face to open up the pores, and then deep clean.


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