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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Cute, Edgy Planner Cover (Recycling)

I wanted to have a planner but I could not find anything from the stores her in our city. I intended to make my own planner - I searched the net on some DIY instructions on how to make a simple one. As I went through some stores this afternoon to buy materials for my DIY planner, I finally found a real planner. It was cheap so I bought it. When I arrived home, I realized that the planner I bought was cheap and looks cheap! So I started to feel disgust towards my new ugly planner. I am a person who likes cute and order...and the planner was just "order" no cute at all! I wanted to give it away and just find another one - a cute one. But then I would be wasting money. It was only Php180, but if you're on financial constraints - small amounts matter. It was like a bulb turned on in my head, like the one you see on TV. I had an idea!! I ended up having this:

from this:

I thought to make my ugly planner look cute. I need to be resourceful and use whatever materials available here at home so I would not have to spend anything. Another bulb-lighting idea..."tadaaah" as I saw my old jeggings which has a hole somewhere (and I haven't been using it for like 4 months already).

So this is what I did:

 I cut the jeggings into size same with the planner, enough to cover outside with margin inside for securing

 I sew the upper and lower parts together so it would seem like a pocket
 I tuck the front and back cover of the planner to the sewed pocket of the planner cover

 My jegging's fabric was stretchable so it would stretch upon securing it on the planner. I would look like this ----->
outside... and would look like
<------- this inside....

 For a bit of twist, I put a "lock" or securing thingie for my planner. I sewed a piece of cloth from the back and just put a large button for decoration. On the front, I put a large button and made a whole on the cloth

 It would be used to somewhat "lock" or "secure" the planner...like what we usually see on a normal planner.

 I decided to decorate my planner with different buttons to make it cuter and edgy. The buttons were all junks.

So this is how it looked in the front:
(there are imperfections due to my poor sewing skills - LOL)

 And this is how it looked at the back:

So basically, I spent PHP180 or U$D4 for the planner, and just 3hrs for the cover (no cost at all!)....

There are plenty of ways to make a planner cover. It it best to do whatever available resources available and avoid unnecessary spendings. You are being resourceful and creative, and at the same time recycling!


  1. Yay, you gave the planner a life. My planner is lame, I'll do that.

    1. thanks for the comment Sey... glad i gave you an idea... it's better to use recyclable materials!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing! :) Very resourceful and creative! :D

  3. hi nique! i love what you did with your plain boring planner, so creative! haha..

    anyway, just followed you. follow back? =)

    I Am Dollparts


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