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Monday, January 30, 2012

Talent: After School

I couldn't help but blog about the talent of this Korean girl band - After School.

They started out as a five-member band with the concept of Pussy Cat Dolls version of Korea. With their sexy image, they immediately captured the heart of many fans. After some time, the band has undergone many changes in the line up of their members. Currently, they have 8 members. Their image nowadays is more mature, and focusing more in to their talents. After watching After School's appearances on different variety shows, I ended up concluding that they are one of the most talented and most beautiful girl groups in Korea. Too sad they are not much recognized compared to other girl groups who I personally think does not deserve to be called "singers". Apart from being singers, I can say that After School are also "artists".

Please watch this music video of the girls dancing. You would really say- beauty & talent- they got it both!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Featured Stylists: Yang Sengho and Daniel Lee

The Korean girl group 2NE1 has been making waves since their debut in 2009. They had made a very big influence throughout Asia and some places in Europe and America; this entails not just in the music industry but also in the fashion industry. 2NE1's success would not be possible without the two important people behind their colorful and edgy style - their stylists Yang Seung Ho (AKA Yanggaeng or Xin) and Daniel “Sexy” Lee.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Iza Caldazo joins ABSCBN!

Wow! I'm so amazed and happy by the news that Iza Calzado (one of my favorite female Filipino actress) signed a 3-year contract with ABSCBN (my favorite, and one of the leading television companies in the Philippines) last Tuesday. She will be having a drama show, a reality show, and some movies. I am so excited for her to be paired up with John Llyod Cruz (my favorite male Filipino actor)!

There are many beautiful celebrities in the Philippines, and many dresses well. It's so hard to chose which one is the best, but for me, one of the fee celebrities who really stands out is Iza Calzado. Iza is a unique person because she can be boyish yet still remain like a goddess. Whatever you let her wear, she brings out the best of those pieces.

Happy New Hair Alert: Miley Cyrus

Another celebrity with a new hair style which made a buzz inside and outside hollywood - none other than Ms. Miley Cyrus. She cut her hair short, taking away 5 inches of her previous long hair.

Cyrus said she hasn't had a "real" hair cut (I guess except from trimmings) since 2010. Her hair changes since then was from changing of hair colors from dark to light, then having bangs and long bangs, etc.

I think she looks better with her new short hair. She looks fresh and carefree. This hair style is also low-cost maintenance and needs less effort to keep.

What do you think??

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lauren Condrad with Pink Hair! How?

Lauren Condrad tweeted a picture of her newly-colored pink hair strands. According to her hair colorist, Kristin Ess, they used pink chalk to temporarily color Condrad's hair. It is fun to use chalk because it's so easy to wash away but  Ess advised  to wear your hair on a bun because the color might go to your clothes.

Ess said that she and Condrad will post a tutorial on how to color your hair with chalk on their website.

I just wonder if coloring hair with chalk will be effective with dark brown or black hair? Condrad has blond... I just wonder... Maybe it's up to me to figure it out! LOL.

DIY Cute, Edgy Planner Cover (Recycling)

I wanted to have a planner but I could not find anything from the stores her in our city. I intended to make my own planner - I searched the net on some DIY instructions on how to make a simple one. As I went through some stores this afternoon to buy materials for my DIY planner, I finally found a real planner. It was cheap so I bought it. When I arrived home, I realized that the planner I bought was cheap and looks cheap! So I started to feel disgust towards my new ugly planner. I am a person who likes cute and order...and the planner was just "order" no cute at all! I wanted to give it away and just find another one - a cute one. But then I would be wasting money. It was only Php180, but if you're on financial constraints - small amounts matter. It was like a bulb turned on in my head, like the one you see on TV. I had an idea!! I ended up having this:

from this:

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Tittle Change

I changed my blog tittle from NOSTALGIA NOT ALLOWED to "Nique In It!" because bloggers mistakenly follow my other blog (www.niquetalks.blogspot.com) just because of the "Nique" name... so better make both with my name....

But above the rest, nothing's changed...just the tittle... I hope everyone will still support my blog. Thanks!

Who wore it better?


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Healthy Drink: Carrot-Mango Smoothie

There was a nurse-volunteer in our hospital who owns the only vegetarian restaurant in our city. We used to order food from her for lunch while on duty. One of my favorites from their restaurant is the carrot juice. I wasn't a fan of carrot juice until I tasted their carrot juice. And since I don't see her much lately and I could not order carrot juice anymore, I decided to make my own carrot juice.

This carrot juice has a twist since it's not just plain carrot juice, but a carrot-mango juice/smoothie!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Choose the Right Blush Shade for your Skin Tone

Choosing the right shade of blush is one common mistake of women. I, myself, was a victim of wrong blush on color. I have a Medium skin tone and I wore baby pink blush on my cheeks just because everybody at school was wearing it back in college. I also remember some of my classmates who looked like they've been punched on their cheeks because they used pink blushes on their dark skinned cheeks. I also have this one classmate whose cheeks looked like it's about to bleed due to the very thick blush red. Disasters, right? And that's what I will teach you now: How to Choose the Right Blush Shade for your Skin Tone.


baby pink
soft rose
golden appricot
 light peach with a touch of pink


light raspberry
sunkissed appricot
soft coral with a little brown undertones


brown suede
deep coral with a little bronze


Remember that the angle of putting your blush on your cheeks will also matter aside from the color. But after learning what shade of blush fits your skin tone, you are already one step ahead. Next step is to throw or give away those blushes you have which do not match your skin tone. It's hard at first to let go of those precious blushes, but believe me you will not regret giving them away after buying new ones which fits you better.

The Best Book I Ever Read: The Little Prince

I'm not really a reader but I like reading...depends on the topic. Way back in college, I found resilience in reading novels apart from the usual Nursing and Medical books that I really need to read. I have read numerous books from different authors and on different sizes. But the best book I consider is the thinnest book I read - The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

Some people think that The Little Prince is children's book because of its physical appearance but if you read it, it is actually a book for adults. The little prince is a think book and it has different colors and cute drawings. The drawing is based from the story, which superficially is a fiction - stars, universe, planets, clouds, etc.

 The good thing about this book is that it is subject to different interpretations. When a child reads it, he will be entertained as his the books will fly him to many places and will tickle his imagination. If a shallow-minded adult will read it, he will easily understand the superficial story. I tried reading it in a shallow-minded way but I thought it's a non-sense story, so I read it again and used a deep-minded way of reading. For those serious readers, The Little Prince is not about the little prince and the people he met, but the society and the people governing the society. It is about how small people encounter "big" people (like those who are seated on government positions) and experience different treatment from them.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Organizing & Recycling (DIY)

What do you do on a day off? Today, I tried to do something productive by organizing a corner of my room. I threw some of my old cosmetic stuffs, according the guidelines I wrote on my previous blog. I also threw a lot of papers (the useless ones like receipts, etc) for recycling. I bought an orange (I'm not sure of the exact shade but the sales lady said handed me this color when I said "orange") cartolina and plastic cover (like the ones we use to cover books), gathered some old boxes from shoes, etc and some old usable/recyclable stuffs and used my afternoon energy in doing my own DIY books and cosmetic organizers.

I spent only PHP80 or USD 1.8 for this project, and there are still many unused cartolinas and plastic covers I was able to keep for future use. It took me at least four hours in doing this.

For my small books, I used a large shoe box and covered it with the orange cartolina and plastic covering.

For the large books, I used a larger box and cut it with the front smaller than the back (for easy sorting).

For my miscellaneous stuffs cluttered on the table, I had it all put in a box which I covered with orange cartolina and plastic. I also had its top cover covered.
I kept my nail art stuffs in the wooden box.
I had my pen, pencils, markers, and wooden massage put on a mug which I do not use.

For my cosmetics, I threw the "expired without expiration date" base from my previous blog (The Dangers of Cosmetic Products) and kept those who are still in its "unexpired" state.
I had an old box utilized and had the bottom and top cover stuck side-by-side. I cut out cardboards of different sizes and connected them together to form squares or triangles which will be used for the division. I tried to cover the division cardboard with coloured papers but they just tore and made my project look ugly, so I decided to keep them bare - and fortunately they look okay! LOL.

For my accessories, I threw the old ones and remained some which I really really like. 
I put them on old ear budds containers. The necklaces were put on  an old rounds talc container.
I organized my headbands and sunglasses and put them on a old chocolate container which has a cylindrical shape.

 I know I threw a lot of my stuffs and only a few remains. My philosophy is to keep a few but those few are the essential ones. I don't think I need plenty of stuffs which are not that of much use to me - it will just cause more clutter. LOL. Anyway, I have the rest of the year to buy new ones.

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