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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 Steps for this Nail Art

I am trying a new hobby called nail art. It's actually a common thing nowadays, but I am just starting to get to know it. I actually would like to do it myself.

I haven't really searched much about it, I just did a few nail art on my own nails and the designs were all just random - as in I just do/draw whatever I feel like drawing.

So anyway, as a rookie, here are some of the steps I can share with you on how to come up with an artistic nails like above.

By the way, sorry for my ugly hands - it's the nail art that matters, not my hand! LOL

1. I used Silk White by Caronia. I star with thin stokes until it becomes thick covering each layer.
 Let it dry before proceeding to the next step.

2. I used a thin paint brush and an orange acrylic paint- not a normal acrylic paint since this one is non-toxic, essential because we will be applying it on our nails.
I also needed something to put the acrylic paint, and I just used whatever was within my reach (elephant shape LOL).
I chose orange because it's quite popular these days...plus, it also looks flashy with the satin white base.

3. I painted curved random lines on my nail - others opposing directions. I made sure there was enough space for the print/drawing to be easily seen, and at the same time avoid having the lines being drawn thickly or else it would look messed up.

4. I top-coated the art with Caronia's Silver Glitters. Aside from its glitters, it will also help protect the art work and prevent from fast peeling off of the nail art.

5. Let it dry.


I would really love to hear from you.. Feel free to comment and leave your blog site.. I'm also interested to see what you're up to! Thanks!

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