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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FHM Philippines Racist Cover

This was supposed to be the cover of FHM's March 2012 issue. Before releasing the final cover output, Bela Padilla's FHM cover was bombarded with criticisms saying that it is too racist. The cover featured Bela Padilla with dark-skinned women behind and beside her, with the caption saying "Bela Padilla Stepping Out of the Shadows". Bela and FHM publicly apologized for the negative impression the cover conveyed to the public. In the end, the magazine company cancelled the release and decided to change cover and featured celebrity. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mix & Match : Tutu Skirt

Tutu skirts are primarily used by ballerinas, but it is also used as a fashion icon by many fahsionistas. I think one of the main reasons is that it gives you a certain unique chic flare once you use it.

Just like jeans, tutu skirts can be paired with anything. With 'anything' I mean you can go rocker, preppy, or you can wear it on a day event, a semiformal, a casual - to make things short, it can be an all-around fashion item. Bur of course you must be able to pair it well with the right top and shoes.

Variety of Tutu skirt colors, designs, cloth, and prints are offered in the market. I suggest you buy colors that are basic and can easily be match with items you have on your closet, or items you will still buy.
Basic colors I suggest are beige, cream, white, black.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Doctor's Bag is Still In!

You know that doctors have their signature bags - the "Doctor Bag". It started to be noticed when home services were done by doctors to whose "elite" people - like those with fever or those going to bear child. It contained tools which would help the doctor assess and cure their in-house patients. I think we all saw this bag at movies from old days.

LV Speedy Bag

In 1930's, when Louis Vuitton designed a ladies' bag called Speedy, perhaps she was inspired by the bags used by the doctors. Not later on, brands like Gucci., Channel, Bottega Veneta and Coach made their own versions of the doctor bag.

Easterbelle's Crocodile skin

Nowadays, the Doctor Bag is becoming quite popular again that it's not just doctors who use it. It is now a fashion item. A must-have that caters both style and functionality. It is mostly made of leather, usually a hand bag, but some has slings for shoulder use. I have one Doctor Bag which I inherited from my grandmom - it looks vintage and cool. Here are some Doctor Bag styles you would want to have:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Customized Shoes

This is just a repeat or a some-what a-like to my Vday post... I promised to feature about making customized shoes - so I did customized shows for the Vday. I think it would be a unique gift to my boyfie hubsy for the Vday.

Things you need:

1. Canvass shoes
          - There are variety of types of canvass shoes you can chose from, it just depends on your type, and of course the design must fit the shoes. If you want to long cut shoes (like Converse's Chucks) then you will

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nique's 2012 Valentine's Day

Valentine's day! Woohoo! It was the day I was looking forward since the end of January. My hubsy and I had a very memorable V-day (or post v-day since we both had work on the v-day itself) last year so we wee both excited for this year's v-day.


What I wore: 
Black lose blouse from Folded & Hung
Printed leggings from Moda Mode
Customized shoes made by me & my cousin

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nikki Minaj's 2012 Grammy's Performance was Disrespectful!

Have you seen Nicki Minaj's Grammy's performance? If you didn't then I bet you heard about it, right? It's been buzzing throughout the internet, TV, and elsewhere.

Her performance was thought to be the biggest performance for the Grammy's night that producers placed it towards the end of the Grammy's to keep viewers staying tuned to the show. However, instead of gaining appraisals, Minaj's performance became a subject of criticisms.

(watch video from youtube)

Minaj sang her song "Roman Holiday". The performance started with a confession to a priest, then showed a video of a priest performing exorcism, and ended with her levitating above the stage.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Recommendation: I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Last 2010, I read a book called "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by author Joshua Harris. It was actually a Christian self-help book. It's just a think book you can finish reading it in a day. It consists of sample stories and quotations which you can really relate.

Now, Valentines Day is up coming so I decided to recommend this book to those people who are single or those who are struggling with their love life. I, personally, been through a lot of rocky roads before with regards to my love life. A friend introduced me to this book. I was reluctant to read it since I'm not really a reader, and I guess I was just too stubborn to get some help back then. In the end, I just gave it a try. There were many, or rather plenty of times which I found myself nodding while reading. I could relate to almost everything. I think you also need an open mind while reading.

Whitney Houston dies at 48

Shocking news for the music and hollywood industry - Whitney Houston died on Saturday. At age 48, Houston's body was found at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles around 3:20pm. By 2:55pm, Houston was pronounced dead by emergency personnels.

The cause is still unknown, but the police said that there was no sign of criminal intent at the scene of her death.

Whitney Houston is one of the great singers of her time - and my time. I always looked up to her ability to deliver a song with such powerful voice and passion. May her soul rest in peace.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lassie Online - Give-aways!

I had an online fashion store which I closed because I didn't had much time to attend to my customers. I also have two other friends who had online stores which they close due to the same reason I had. And now, the three of us decided to open up a new online store and we will collaborate in running the business. We will be joined by my cousin, so it'll be four of us.

We have different styles and fashion-beauty needs, so I guess our online store will cater wide variety of styles and products. I think many people can relate and will have different things to choose from.

We are currently working on it as for now. We are dedicated to pursue and work hard for this online store this year.

Anyway, the name of the online store is LASSIE ONLINE. Lassie means "women", so therefore, we will be catering more of the for-girls stuffs. But expect to see for guys and unisex items. Check out our page in facebook , and please LIKE it...

We will conducting a give-away for five women. Here are the items we will be giving away:

Product: Natural Body Recipe Exfoliating Body Soap

I went to the nearest mall and looked for a goat's milk soap. I ended buying this product: Natural Body Recipe Exfoliating Body Soap. It contains goat's milk, honey, oatmeal & vitamin E. 

Goats milk has long been used to skin due to its moisturising properties; it also contains vitamins A & B. Honey has the ability to absorb and retain moisture that's why it is said to help in anti aging. Oatmeal is a healthy food, and it is also healthy for the skin since it helps remove dirt and impurities by removing dead skin and dry skin. Vitamin E contains antioxidants which helps rejuvenate and give your skin a nice glow. 

So I bought this product from HBC, a local beauty store... and it was actually my firs time to buy on that store. They have nice product - specially the line of the Natural Body Recipe brand. Another good thing about the store is that they don't use plastic bags when your buy. They just wrapped the soap box with the receipt. I think they have a tote bag for shopping. I think I will be buying more often here - especially now that I know they have "natural" products, and they are helping the environment too!

I immediately used the soap when I took a bath this evening. I can say that it was very refreshing - it literally felt good! I could feel my skin being exfoliated due to the presence of the oats. I dont think frequent scrubbing of skin is healthy - but this one is not scrubbing but it feels like one - well actually, it felt like a mild version of scrubbing. I think I can live with that everyday. 

I think I am going to stick with this product!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

SHOEICIDE: Adidas JS Wings

I am totally amazed with these shoes. I know it's been in the market for quite a while and it's only lately that I learned to appreciate it. What amazed me most about Jeremy Scott's Adidas JS Wings is that it's totally unique in structure, and it also caters different prints, colors, and style - there are varieties you can choose from!

I definitely want to have one pair this year!
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