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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Recommendation: I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Last 2010, I read a book called "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by author Joshua Harris. It was actually a Christian self-help book. It's just a think book you can finish reading it in a day. It consists of sample stories and quotations which you can really relate.

Now, Valentines Day is up coming so I decided to recommend this book to those people who are single or those who are struggling with their love life. I, personally, been through a lot of rocky roads before with regards to my love life. A friend introduced me to this book. I was reluctant to read it since I'm not really a reader, and I guess I was just too stubborn to get some help back then. In the end, I just gave it a try. There were many, or rather plenty of times which I found myself nodding while reading. I could relate to almost everything. I think you also need an open mind while reading.

I learned many values and things to consider in choosing the right man for me - apart from that, getting ready to be the right girl for my soon-to-be man. I also learned about unhealthy relationships (which I identified as similar to my past relationships), and the value of letting go.

Basically, the most important value I learned from the book is preserving self-importance and to wait for the right man for you while not waiting. I love to state it like that - "waiting while not waiting".

You should grab a copy of this book. Very very helpful!

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  1. i will check for it,thanks



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