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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Doctor's Bag is Still In!

You know that doctors have their signature bags - the "Doctor Bag". It started to be noticed when home services were done by doctors to whose "elite" people - like those with fever or those going to bear child. It contained tools which would help the doctor assess and cure their in-house patients. I think we all saw this bag at movies from old days.

LV Speedy Bag

In 1930's, when Louis Vuitton designed a ladies' bag called Speedy, perhaps she was inspired by the bags used by the doctors. Not later on, brands like Gucci., Channel, Bottega Veneta and Coach made their own versions of the doctor bag.

Easterbelle's Crocodile skin

Nowadays, the Doctor Bag is becoming quite popular again that it's not just doctors who use it. It is now a fashion item. A must-have that caters both style and functionality. It is mostly made of leather, usually a hand bag, but some has slings for shoulder use. I have one Doctor Bag which I inherited from my grandmom - it looks vintage and cool. Here are some Doctor Bag styles you would want to have:


Clava Americana

Donna Sharp


Make Love Not Trash

Midnight Velvet 

UCG Mettalic

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