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Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to Prepare for an 80's Themed Party

Me and my friends decided to have an 80's themed dinner party the other day. I actually decided the theme and they just agreed on it (for the reason that we were born on the 80's). The dinner party was held at our house and we did pot-lock for the food. Since I was the host of the party, I kinda had a too-late-worry about the miscellaneous, most especially my outfit, so I decided to MMS my aunt Candy (whose social life was very active during the 80's). She gave me pointers about the clothes and the games and the decorations and the music.

1. Outfit
           There are different types of fashion that boomed during the 80's. Some of it are being recycled by today such as leggings and those Madonna-signature sleeves which are now a hit for Lady Gaga. Pointed Stilletos were also cool back then. Big or loose shirts were being paired with colorful leggings and accessorized with a stretchable headband. The 80's was all about colors, bold and striking colors, and most of all it was the best time to pair a printed with a printed.

As for me, I decided to go for what I call "aerobics" look. I found a very loose white shirt with a girl-face print and paired it with a red printed leggings. I found a pointed red shoes from my old pile of shoes (which were classified to the to-give-away section). I put on bangles and a pair of red circle hanging earrings.

Me and my friend Shy

2. Hair & Make up
          The 80's make up was so errr, kinda too much, I think. There were no rules, you just had to look flashy. One things I noticed about the 80's face is the eyebrows... You know what I am talking about! LOL.

  The hair during the 80's was just about being big and striking. Big hair is equivalent to awesomeness! LOL. I know many regret when they see their pictures during the 80's. Thank God I was just born then.

   So In my face, I just put on my usual foundation cream then powder (using brush) and did everything the 80's way. The base of my eye was a fuchsia (almost red) base all over my eyelid up to below my eyebrow. I put a shiny black color on the outer part of my lid and blending it towards the inner-middle of my eyelids making sure it is just within the contour of my eyelids. Using a black pencil eye liner, I lined the tip of my eyelid near the lashes. I also lined below my eyes but stopping in the middle. I put on mascara and shapped my brows. I did not color my eyebrows since I naturally have a black thick-strand-hair eyebrows. My cheek was colored with red but I just gently stroked the brushed on my cheeks to avoid looking like a clown. I then colored my lips with red. I pony-tailed my hair sideways and then put on the headband. 

80's hair and make up

80's hair and make up + bangles
3. Music
          I guess you already know this - Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cindy Lauper hits. Even people from the 90's and 2000's know them! We also have WHAM and Aha. There are whole lots of good artists from the 80's. You just have to choose which songs are appropriate to dance with. Remember that disco was very hit during the 80's!

4. Decorations
           To make an ambiance of 80's, the easiest way to decorate is to convert your place into a disco place making sure the presence of a disco ball! You may also add some glow-in-the-dark stuffs such as bracelets and necklaces and the like. To have the feel of 80's you can also add some wall decorations such as record albums of famous artists during the 80's. You may also add a fog machine.

I hope I helped you enough to organize a nice 80's themed party. Enjoy!


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