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Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 6 Food Served during a Filipino New Year's Eve Celebration

New Year is coming and I am just as excited about the food as everybody else. Christmas just passed and now new year is coming. Too bad I will be spending my New Year's Eve at the hospital, but I'm pretty sure my colleague will be bringing food to celebrate the coming of 2012!

So anyway, I listed a few of the top food that are usually served during new year. I also included my self-explanation of why these food are being served during new year.

1. Lechon Baboy
          To those who doesn't know what lechon baboy is, it is called roasted pig in English...but lechon is not an ordinary roasted pig. It is THE most delicious roasted pig evaaah! And To those who doesn't know, Butuan City offers the best lechon baboy in the whole Philippines (even tastier than Cebu's lechon baboy).
          So why do Filipino serve lechon baboy during new year? Simply because it is oh-so-DELICIOUS! One large roasted pig can serve up to 20 people (and more than satisfy them). I guess lechon baboy is the most "special" Filipino dish. If you go on a birthday and people hear that you'll be serving lechon baboy, expect a "wow" or "bongga" from their mouths. The skin and rib parts are the the favourite of many. Lechon is so delicious that even its fats is so tasty. On the other side, lechon contains a lot of calories and eating too much may contribute to risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2. Pancit or Spaghetti
          Pancit is a noodle with garnishes and etc. It is actually originally a Chinese dish adapted by Filipino. It is usually served because it is believed to symbolize long life (due to the long strand of noodles). 
          Spaghetti is an Italian dish adapted by Filipinos and it also symbolizes long life. It is usually used as an alternative from pancit, or sometimes served together separately.

3. Whole fish
          To invite wealth and happiness in the upcoming year, dishes are served that are homophones for words that signify good fortune. For example, the Chinese word for "fish" sounds like the word "surplus" as in a surplus of weath. 
          Whether ham or chicken, it should be served whole (whole, not cut into pieces or chopped) because "whole" usually signifies welcoming the year with a sense of being "intact" at everything.

4. Vegetables
          Although most Chinese Filipinos are of Christian faith, Buddhism retains influence in their culture, and it is a Buddhist belief that you are cleansed by eating green vegetables. 
          Most common food served is the chopseuy (Chinese dish) or the four season vegetable. 

5. Sweets
          Oh yeah! This is my favorite among everything here! Although I eat sweets a lot the whole year, it is important to be served during new year. They say that "sweet" is the desired flavour for the whole family's relationship for the whole year.
          Aside from that, children are fun of chocolates, and they deserve to enjoy. 

6. Round fruits
          Yes, it must be round! No edges allowed! And it is just for display during the new year. My grandmom (although not a Chinese) restricts us from eating those fruits during new year and some days after new year. So basically. we were allowed to eat those fruits at the time it's not fresh anymore! LOL. Stupid ei?
          Round or circle is an important shape for Chinese. It signifies never-ending or infinity because you just go round-and-round-and-round-and-round. The fortune is said to keep on coming and coming and coming and coming.
          Some of these fruits are watermelon, oranges, grapes, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a Chinese. I am a Filipino. Although I have a little bit of Chinese blood, I was not born and raised in a Chinese way. It's just that Philippines is an archipelago contributed by different cultures, and one of the most influential cultures is the Chinese culture, and I guess some Filipino has adopted the practices and traditions of the Chinese people.

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  1. interesting... without knowing about the "why's" we did have all this during the new year! Happy new year to you. :) I'd like to invite you to come visit my blog.. leave a coment if you can. here's the address: http://tndcallphilippines.blog.com/


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