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Friday, December 23, 2011

not PRACTICALLY WEARABLE designs by Filipino designers...what do you think?

I was browsing over local fashion websites (Philippines-based) to try to get some inspiration on what to wear for the new year's eve when I found myself looking over photos of a fashion show featured on Costomopolitan Magazine Philippines. There were many nice designs by local designers, but there were also a few  designs which are subject to I DON'T KNOW.... I mean, why do designers like to create designs that are NOT "PRACTICALLY" WEARABLE?? I really don't get it. For art's sake? Well it's a valid reason since everyone is entitled to their own opinion or expression of opinion in such a democratic country...but fashion designers are to create clothes and clothes should be worn, shouldn't it? So why do they make such clothes that are not PRACTICALLY WEARABLE? I'm not saying the designs are not good..I adore them! I just don't think the designs are PRACTICAL and WEARABLE by typical Filipina
or normal people. Imagine yourself wearing these to work, to the grocery store, to the club, to attend your friend's dinner birthday party, riding a train going home, etc... So anyhow, here are some photos of those which caused me "emotional struggles" for a few minutes.. LOL! 



  1. you've definitely posed a question that's been on my mind for years. The thought of wearing any of this anywhere... really WHERE can anybody wear these outfits?!? I guess, these are just "art" work. Like an abstract painting not making sense...

  2. could be.... I guess not other reason... no "functional" reason... But I respect the designs, though...


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