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Sunday, December 25, 2011

REVIEW: AVON bendable hair curlers & Spray it CURLY

Part of my preparation for Christmas eve was to "experimentally" curl my hair. I am naturally curly-frizzy hair which I rebond twice a year...I am due for another rebond this month but I decided to try to curl my hair.

I used these two products given to me as gifts:

from my friend Kristie "kulot".

from my cousin Mikosh

I had my hair shampooed and towel dried. I sprayed the Spray it Curly on my damp hair. I combed my hair to evenly distribute the chemical (ideally with a wide-tooth comb). I then divided my hair into segments. I applied the curler at the bottom of my hair (per segment), making sure it's lock from the bottom, and then rolling it around the curler towards the roots. To lock the curler, I twisted it.

After 3 hours of letting it set, I unlocked the twists of the curlers and let my new curly hair fall into place. You can also blow dry it before unlocking the curlers to make sure your hair will stay in a curly shape longer. You can also use gel rather the spray that I used.

Here's the result:

AVON bendable hair curler set is very convenient and easy to use especially for rookies like me. And the result is not disappointing. I applied it on my hair in a very "rookie" manner (because I really have no idea how to do such) and as you can see on the pictures above - it was very messy! But the result was good and it looked natural on me. The curler's surface is also smooth and soft (like a foam inside) so the possibility if tangling your hair in it is quite impossible, I guess! The Spray it CURLY complimented the curlers but I don't think it's that effective. My curls did not hold on as it was. After 2 hours, my hair finally gave up to waves.


  1. Ang ganda mo DOM! :D Galing! :D
    And I love the youtube tutorial!!! Ibang levellll

  2. I'm glad you liked it..

    Thanks step, nagmana lang naman ako sayo! :) LOL


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