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Monday, December 12, 2011

Banapple freshly-baked cakes and pies - my soulmate!

Shot by Krizel Faustino - April 2011
I am a food lover - you wouldn't doubt that if you see me personally. LOL! But really, I can't live my life happily without food, especially sweets! Now, ever since I met my boyfriend's mom, who bakes pastry very uniquely delicious, I started to develop this being addicted to cakes, cupcakes, muffins & the like. Although I enjoy eating sweets and pastry products, I have specific favorites that really drives me crazy.

Jom, Astrid, Nique & Krizy - April 2011
After almost 2 years of being stuck in my hometown, it was only April 2001 when I had the chance to come and visit Manila. I lived in Manila for more than four years to study college from a university. Manila, for me, is the cradle of all the yummy food, and to eat delicious and food that can never be found in our province was one of my goals! It was that time when my college friends brought me to Banapple in Greenhills; it was in Connecticut street, very near from GH Shopping Center.  From that day on, Banapple became my soulmate!

Ana, Bebe, Vicky & Aura - April 2011
Physically, it's a 100% for me. They have this doll house-like feeling. The colors are pinkish-like and pastel hues. They have books and some cute stuffs all over the place. The young-looking pictures are put on edgy frames which compliments the color of the walls. The tables are specially studded with colored studs that form a certain thing like a flower or whatever. They also have cute hanging lights with a yellowish bulb that definitely makes the ambiance very cozy. The crew are extra friendly and very accommodating. It's the perfect place to meet and bond with friends.

Banapple Connecticut Greenhills - April 2011
But more than the physical aspect, Banapple offers one of the yummiest cakes and pies I ever tasted! Everything is so large! I love eating sweets but I almost gave up with the size of Banapple's cake slices; yet it's so delicious you will definitely want to consume the whole of it! The presentation is mouth-watering, and the taste will make you want to come back for more. From looks, to smell, to taste, Banapple's cakes and pies are surely freshly-baked. Although a slice may cost you a hunred Pesos or more, I promise it will more than satisfy you. Very worth it!

Bebe, Aura, Ana, Nique & Vicky - April 2011

Aside from cakes and pies, Banapple also has different types of caffeinated or decaffeinated hot or cold drinks. They also offer a wide range of meal varieties ranging from Filipino, American and Italian tastes.

The last time I visited Banapple, they were celebrating their 4th year so I and my friends got a free Banapple fan. Four years?! I could not believe it existed for 4 years already! Where have I been from 2007 to 2009?!
Banapple Connecticut Greenhills - April 2011

I will definitely visit Banapple before I go back to my hometown this Saturday. So me and my soulmate will meet again!

Visit Banapple's official site:



  1. Oh yum. The cake looks delicious. Wish I was in Manila enjoying Banaple with you.


  2. I think Banapple is a local store here in the Philippines... You should try it once you visit Philippines... :)

  3. hmm this looks tastylicious alright with all the creamy toppings and chocolate. base for eveything is banana and or apple? more delicious and healthy.

  4. looks delicious! too bad we dont have banapple in our place..

  5. thanks for the comments..

    i tihnk they called it banapple because one of their first products and still best selling is the bannofie... i'm not sure if the base is banana and or apple, but i think you could taste a bit of banana even on the chocolate cakes..

    you should come over and have a taste of it...it woill not fail your taste buds!

  6. my fave. love their Banoffee pie, honey crunch cake, reese's pie and apple crumble. nomnomnom :)


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