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Friday, December 9, 2011

FURious about FURS!

I watched the episode of Keeping up with the Kardashian about Khloe's nude photo shoot for PETA's "I'd rather go naked that wear a fur campaign", and even made a blog about it out of my admiration for Khloe's action. So eventually I decided to read a few articles about fur from animals and I felt really sorry about it. But what made me feel really really bad was when I saw a video about alive animals skinned on Chinese fur farms.
Maybe they don't do this just in China; it could be happening to different places on Earth! And it could not be just for fur!

The animals are being hit on the ground as means of "sedating" them. Some were being boiled alive. Other means include suffocation, electrocution, gas and poison. These are just some of the cheapest methods of killing animals.

After their furs are removed, some animals are allowed to die on cages and some are sent back to the wild. Common causes of death of these animals include blood loss, infection, dehydration, gangrene, or frostbite. The animals sent back to the wild become defenseless and may end up being eaten by other predators.

What angers me the most is that people wears these furs like it's their own. People just wear it for fashion and for "just looking good". There are other materials that can be utilized to keep yourself warm during cold seasons. It doesn't have to be from the suffering of other creatures.

I could not say anything more but just let you see the exact video that I first saw. I hope this will be an eye-opener for many of you.

Watch from Youtube:

PETA's website about Animal Furs:

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