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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fashion Review: 2NE1 (korean)

Since their debut in 2009, Korean girl group 2NE1 from YG Entertainment sky-rocketed towards the the top of Korean and international music charts. But aside from their upbeat and cool music, 2NE1 became the leading trendsetters in Korea. After their debut music video "Fire" was released, there has been a sudden and remarkable change in the style of  other Korean artist in pattern with 2NE1's.

Two music video versions of  Fire was  released - street version and space version. Space version conceptualized a futuristic approach on the clothes of CL, Minzy, Sandara & Bom. Sandara became remarkable with her palm-tree hair style. The street version showcased funky street outfit. Oldest member Bom wore leggings-like pants topped with a bathing-suite-like top  which later on became popular in Korean fashion world.

Their second video "I don't care", which won many awards and made the girls more popular, backed up their first music video in showing how much of a fashionista they are. They had an edgy casual looks which further
supported each member's fashion trend. Sandara wore her palm tree-like hairstyle again. Leader CL became popular wearing hip and cool shades.

After the success of their first mini album, 2ne1 released their first full album. The fist single "Clap your Hands" was a rap-hiphop song in which music video accentuated their being a hiphop group wearing Harlem pants and cool customized jackets which gave them a military look and ninja look  with their all-white attires.

2NE1 was remembered with their all-black attire on their video "Go Away". CL's cow-printed shades frame immediately became a must-have for Koreans right after the video's debut.

2NE1's second album release became a success and their fashion style became unstoppable. International designer Jeremy Scott's name was popularly attached to the girls as they became Jeremy's favorite dolls-to-dress.

Aside from Jeremy Scott, This dress in Bom’s “Don’t Cry” music video created headlines when fans found out it was Alexander McQueen’s final creation. It’s apparently worth $20,000 USD, but has potential for higher value. It became a talk-about in Korea during the release of her solo single "Please don't Cry".

The clothes they wore on their music video "Lonely" created a fire of talk inside and outside the fashion world. The pieces they wore were definitely unique and anyone wanted to have one of those chic yet edgy white jackets.

2NE1 is known for their unique fashion sense but on their next single "I am the Best", the girls were more like out of the box! Take a look at how they looked. No other Korean girl group could pull out outfits and hairstyles like that...only 2NE1!

Some people may think that 2NE1's fashion is kinda bizarre. It might be true, but no one else can pull off such fashion but them. It really is about confidence and channeling it to look good whatever you're wearing.


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