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I am a simple person who lives a complicated life; the irony makes my life interesting. I have a curious mind and I am always ready to be inspired. I like to be more informative and empowering and that's what I really want to bring out from my blog. "Anything and Everything" is the theme of my blog. I will incorporate information and empowerment in any sort of topic.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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Woah!! It's been almost a year since my last blog post. Guess I've been doing a lot lately that I almost forgot about my blog page. But now I'm updating it...or more like RENEWING it... I read my old blog posts and I found myself laughing at how
dramatic I was back then. My emotions might have influenced my blogging a lot. But I'm not like that anymore. Not dramatic anymore! LOL. I guess being mature helped me change my view towards life and problems. I'm more optimistic and I'm seeing the world in a more colorful tint.

My renewing of my blog is sudden. I decided to focus writing about things that are more socially relevant yet more personally relevant. I will be writing more about things that I'm interested about, yet the public can relate with. I will feature things that I like such as medical/nursing stuffs, health, environment, showbiz, fashion, make up, reviews, travels, etc. 

I will be posting pictures, videos, and maybe video blogs (if I have time to do some). So you watch out for it and I hope you'll enjoy my future posts. I am looking forward for your comments. 


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