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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Redlight Children Campaign

I was looking over the internet and found myself reading about human trafficking, specifically about children. I stumbled into this website - the Redlight Children. RedLight Children is a global human rights nonprofit organization aiming to end the demand for child slavery and exploitation. It is actually very popular all over the world- its works had already been featured worldwide such as CNN, Fox, and more.

Although there are many organizations working on preventing human trafficking, there are still a large number of such crime going on around the world. As a matter of fact, not everyone  is aware of it.

"Despite the large and growing prevalence of the problem, a new survey commissioned by LexisNexis in collaboration with Polaris Project reveals that most Americans are not aware of the nature or extent of human trafficking.  In fact, when asked to identify the best definition of the term ‘human trafficking,’ nearly half of Americans could not do so (48%). Most respondents- nearly nine out of ten (88%)- were unaware that more than 10 million people are living in sexual slavery or some form of forced labor in the world today, while just one in five (22%) knew that human trafficking generates $30 billion or more in profit each year."

Redlight Children's primary focus is to raise awareness and dialogue on global scale. One of it's way to create awareness is through the use of media such as films. Over the past six years, Redlight Child founder, Guy Jacobson, has created three films about the abuse and slavery off children in Cambodia. The K11 Project include: HOLLY, a feature-length narrative, REDLIGHT and The K11 Journey (currently in production), which are both documentaries based on real-life experiences of children in Cambodia.

The films managed to generate a significant attention from peopple all over the world. The Redlight Children became stronger from the increased financial and manpower support to continue its advocacy.

You can help fight child trafficking! Support Redlight Childre and take action!

Stay Informed
Spread the Word

You can also facilitate in a up-level scale!

Request a Speaker
Send a Letter to support anti-trafficking initiatives
Lend a Hand (volunteer)
Use your Skills
Utilize your Contacts

Fore further details and more ways of how to take action, log on to: http://redlightchildren.org/take-action/



  1. Terrible. I also saw a lot of articles and films about this. Can't believe it's still a business. Such scums on this earth.


  2. what's worst is that the victims does not see themselves as victims because of their need for money....


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