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Monday, January 9, 2012

Asian Make Up Transformations...Amazing or Bizarre?

There's this Korean channel (tvN) I've been watching for months now and they have this program called "Style Me Up Style Me Down" which features beauty, fashion & make up stuffs. But what made me hooked up with this TV program is their segment about beauty transformations from ugly duckling to goddesses. Normal Korean girls transforms themselves through make up. Every episode surprises me to see the very big difference from their natural face to their face with make up. What's more bizarre is the part when they ask the guest to do make up on half of their face leaving the other half bare. It really make me go "OH MY GOD!!" Their eyes are so small yet it looks naturally looking big when with make up.

It doesn't just happen in Korea. I searched the net and found out that there are many Asian women who are largely transformed by make up. Here are some of the photos I saw. Very shocking, right?

I am a fan of make up and I love putting make up on my face, but sometimes I leave my face bare. I believe that make up is just to enhance your face, not change how you really look. I love make up but I still love simplicity. Yet, I adore how good the hands of these women are...they're like pro's in puttin on make up!

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  1. I agree! One thing people noticed about me is the fact na compared to before, I seem to wear less make-up these days, because I really want to keep it natural. It will be shocking if one day they see you without your make-up on and they see a different person!


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