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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best Diet for Losing Weight

The holiday season just passed and I gained weight in a very obvious manner. Not it's time to shred off those extra's and prepare for my aunt's wedding on June 2012. As a nurse, I learned from school that everything needs preparation, so I opened my laptop and searched for diets which are effective for weight loss.

I found an article from yahoo and it's quite interesting that I would love to share it to my readers:

Here are the top 3:

Number one on the list is the TLC Diet or the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet. This diet is actually intended for people who are with or at risk of cardiovascular diseases, but the weight loss follows. It is watching out a specific amount of cholesterol on your diet that will help the body regulate its metabolism and energy building process. This will involve a close monitoring of one’s cholesterol intake, which would have one taking less than 7% of the total calories for the day from saturated fat. The TLC Diet will also involve getting one’s daily total calories to less than 25 35%, and will have one looking after to receiving only cholesterol intakes of 200 milligrams a day.

Such other food that one can look into would be a great number of greens, which will not only help with the TLC Diet as they would flush out the unnecessary toxins that work against a healthy bodily system but would also provide the necessary vitamins needed for such. Fruits and vegetables make for a great contribution when it comes to the TLC Diet, as they will not promote unhealthy elements into entering the body and they rarely come with high levels of cholesterol.

The South Beach Diet, as far as I know, is the fastest weight-loss diet (not that I experienced it, but my classmates in college used to have this diet and they really loss weight in a month). The South Beach Diet suggests there are good carbs and fats, and there are bad carbs and fats. The key to weight loss is choosing the best of each. Although it helps lose weight fast, experts say that it cannot guarantee long-term weight loss.

The Ornish Diet. This is something new for me as I never heard of this before. This was founded by a professor in University of California San Francisco, and its theme is "eat more weigh less". There are specific banned foods, so you can basically eat anything except those food. Although many says that this diet is effective, I think it runs the risk of nutritional deprivation because you are being restricted to eat some food - equivalent to restriction of nutrients you van get from those food.


  1. A friend of mine used SOuth Beach Diet and it worked well for her.

  2. there's also the Cohen diet... I hear it works very well but its also expensive. I think it involves a study of ones blood.. and the food that will work for your body in a good way - and of course keeping away from certain foods that (according to your blood) will not be good for you.


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