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Friday, January 13, 2012

Nail Art: Cracking Nail Polish

The other night, while my aunt was on noc duty as a medical technologist in a hospital in Butuan, she calles me up at home to tell me that she bought a nail polish nail art sold to her by a nurse from the ER. She knows I like to mess around with my nails. So in the morning, she enthusiastically showed and demonstrated me this new nail polish. I was kinda amazed with what I saw, and here's what it is:

This product is called A.B. Miss Beauty Cracking Nail Polish. It is actually a set. A base nail polish, the main cracking nail polish, and the topcoat. The box is cute and it really is attractive. My aunt bought the red and orange cracking nail polish. One Box (1 base nail polish, one cracking nail polish, and one top coat) is worth PHP 200 (or almost 6 USD), and another cracking nail polish of a different color is worth PHP 100 (or 2.3 USD). The price is actually reasonable considering its "extra special" feature.

I followed the directions written on the box and tried it myself.

First Step is to put the white base coat. You let it dry for 2-3 minutes.

Second step is to put the colored cracking nail polish (I chose to use red). The box said that if you want small cracks, you can paint only a little; if you want big cracks you can paint it thickly. Watch carefully as you see beautiful cracks form as design.

Third step is to put the top coat to keep the cracks intact, and also to add a glow on your nail art.

It was quite easy to do, actually. Well, sorry for the messy way of putting the nail polish - I had to do it fast and it became quite messy.

I painted thick on one hand and thin on the other hand. The result on the thickly-painted nails are small but plenty cracks, while the thinly-painted nails produced big but few cracks. Isn't it quite different from the box's instruction?

The result was quite good. I am satisfied. I like the thinly-painted nails which gave big cracks. It's much obvious and looks stylish than the other one which seemed like I just messed up with my nail polishing.

I tried to find a review or information about the product but I found none. I don't think this product brand is registered. I am also not sure if this product is health or good for the nails. The moment you open the white base nail polish, you will smell "chemical", as in literal chemical. And aside from that, removing it with an acetone was really hard. I had tried removing three-four layers of nail polish on my nails before (which took quite some time to fully remove), but this one was just super hard you have to use a very big cotton and lots of acetone.

I read from the internet about famous cosmetic brand having cracking nail polish. I think those are more reliable, in terms of safety, than this one. Anyhow, if it's only art and beauty you're after, this one is for you!

To sum it up, I like this product - it works effectively, it amazed me and it's cheap. My only concern is the safety of the brand.

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