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Friday, January 20, 2012

Organizing & Recycling (DIY)

What do you do on a day off? Today, I tried to do something productive by organizing a corner of my room. I threw some of my old cosmetic stuffs, according the guidelines I wrote on my previous blog. I also threw a lot of papers (the useless ones like receipts, etc) for recycling. I bought an orange (I'm not sure of the exact shade but the sales lady said handed me this color when I said "orange") cartolina and plastic cover (like the ones we use to cover books), gathered some old boxes from shoes, etc and some old usable/recyclable stuffs and used my afternoon energy in doing my own DIY books and cosmetic organizers.

I spent only PHP80 or USD 1.8 for this project, and there are still many unused cartolinas and plastic covers I was able to keep for future use. It took me at least four hours in doing this.

For my small books, I used a large shoe box and covered it with the orange cartolina and plastic covering.

For the large books, I used a larger box and cut it with the front smaller than the back (for easy sorting).

For my miscellaneous stuffs cluttered on the table, I had it all put in a box which I covered with orange cartolina and plastic. I also had its top cover covered.
I kept my nail art stuffs in the wooden box.
I had my pen, pencils, markers, and wooden massage put on a mug which I do not use.

For my cosmetics, I threw the "expired without expiration date" base from my previous blog (The Dangers of Cosmetic Products) and kept those who are still in its "unexpired" state.
I had an old box utilized and had the bottom and top cover stuck side-by-side. I cut out cardboards of different sizes and connected them together to form squares or triangles which will be used for the division. I tried to cover the division cardboard with coloured papers but they just tore and made my project look ugly, so I decided to keep them bare - and fortunately they look okay! LOL.

For my accessories, I threw the old ones and remained some which I really really like. 
I put them on old ear budds containers. The necklaces were put on  an old rounds talc container.
I organized my headbands and sunglasses and put them on a old chocolate container which has a cylindrical shape.

 I know I threw a lot of my stuffs and only a few remains. My philosophy is to keep a few but those few are the essential ones. I don't think I need plenty of stuffs which are not that of much use to me - it will just cause more clutter. LOL. Anyway, I have the rest of the year to buy new ones.


  1. What a fantastic way to store your favorite belongings. I need to do this as well.


  2. What an easy & fun way to organize your stuff ! Great idea :x

    PS: I am hosting an international giveaway on my blog and you are welcome to join it !

  3. Great DIY - and you're recycling on top of it.


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