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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Featured Stylists: Yang Sengho and Daniel Lee

The Korean girl group 2NE1 has been making waves since their debut in 2009. They had made a very big influence throughout Asia and some places in Europe and America; this entails not just in the music industry but also in the fashion industry. 2NE1's success would not be possible without the two important people behind their colorful and edgy style - their stylists Yang Seung Ho (AKA Yanggaeng or Xin) and Daniel “Sexy” Lee.

Since 2ne1 first appeared on a collaboration with Korean boy band Big Bang in the song for a cellphone promotion called Lollipop, they immediately created a very big and sudden change in the fashion and image of many Korean celebrities. Korea has been used to girlie and cute image and fashion, but from the entry of 2NE1 to the kpop world, they introduced hip, groovy, retro, vintage, boyish style. 2NE1 was immediately recognized as one of the top stylish celebrities in Korea.

 If you watched the first seasons of 2NE1 TV (available in youtube), you will see how the stylists work hard for the girls. I was totally absorbed into them when I saw how they customize each member's clothes. There was one episode in which they manually put studs, holes, blings, etc into the shoes, using their hands! Just imagine the long hours to accomplish one pair.

Yanggaeng and Daniel worked with 2ne1 from Lollipop, to their debut single Fire (Space and Street version), to the phenomenal single I Don't Care, to the Samsung showcase promotion song Try to Follow Me, and more. 2NE1's fashion was not just recognized in the Korea but throughout Asia, thanks to Yanggaeng and Daniel.

Aside from their styling talent, both stylists are also artistically talented as evident by how they helped 2NE1's leader, CL, make customized sneakers for the band.

They love to customize and do things by themselves only. This vest worn by leader, CL, was just a plain white vest in which they stylists transformed into a very fashionable edgy piece, by just putting holes and putting metallic thingie on the edge of the holes.

Both are very involved with 2NE1. They watch the girls practice in order to assess the moves and decide on the clothes and shoes that will be comfortable for the girls to wear while performing on stage. They also help the girls get dressed and really put things in order for the girls before they launch themselves into powerful performances. They are truly hands on with their work.

The stylists are also good friends with the girls, as they have fun together, eat together, and sometimes go out for a coffee. They also help the girls with their personal agendas. For Yanggaeng and Daniel, 2NE1 wasn't just clients but also friends.

By August 2011, YG Entertainment, 2NE1's company management, announced a change in stylists for the girls. Yang Seung Ho enlisted to the army (as this is an obligation of every Korean men) and Daniel went back to schooling at a fashion school in London. The shift happened between April-May 2011.

There had been a very obvious change of style among the girls, but still eye-catching fashion sense. 2NE1 will always be remembered with the fashion sense Yanggaeng and Sexy Lee gave them.



  1. Great post, I didn't know there was so much work going into the clothes for 2NE1! I love the style, thanks for sharing!


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