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Thursday, January 12, 2012

RECIPE: healthy lunch

I don't know what this dish is called because I just made this up in my mind. Maybe it has a name but purely this was just an experiment. I've been cooking this dish once in a while since 2010. My grandmom told me to cook, I looked at the refrigerator, and just used what I could use. Later on, I realized that I've been cooking a healthy dish because I dont't use oil (but the meat's natural oil), less salt is needed, I use very lean meat (ground pork), and vegetable are included in the dish.

Nutritional Benefits of this dish:

Rich in Vitamin C, A, Iron, plenty of antioxidants, has potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, copper, zinc, vitamin b1, b2, vitamin E, vitamin K, Vitamin B6, and Panthotenic Acid.. This dish also contains protein, and many antioxidants which is good for the skin.

So today, as I cooked this dish for lunch, and I decided to share it with my bloggers.


Pechay (you can use any green leafy vegetable)
Very Lean Ground Pork
Pork Cubes (you can use vetsin)

You can also put squash (this is a must! unfortunately we ran out of stocks), okra, baguio beans, and other vegetables. Just make sure that your vegetable does not have a strong taste which might affect the whole dish.

Mae sure your ingredients are clean before starting!


Chop the vegetables at sizes that is easy to eat - not too big and not too small.,

Prepare the ground pork.

Wash it and strain to separate the water from the meat.

For this dish, I used half 1/8 kg of ground pork very lean.

Preheat a pan. Once hot, put the ground pork.

Do not use oil.

 You will see that the ground pork has its own oil.

You can throw that, or use that.
Put the garlic.


Put the tomatoes.


Put soy sauce.

It is just to put color and a little bit of salty taste on the pork.

Do not put too much or else the whole dish will become very salty.

Pour water.

It's up to you to estimate the amount.

For this dish, I used two cups of water.

Put pork cube.

You may also use vetsin.

For this dish, I used 1/2 pork cube
Put the Pechay.

Mix it gently this time.
 STEP 10
Put salt.

A pinch will do.

Green leafy vegetables sips saltiness from the soup so you need to put a little salt to keep the dish tasty.
 STEP 11

Let the dish boil or until the pechay is cooked.



  1. Looks pretty yum. Bet the veggies are nice and hearty too.


    1. thanks! :) it really is healthy...and good for the skin too!

  2. Sarap naman niyan. Nagutom tuloy ako bigla.


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