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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Customized Shoes

This is just a repeat or a some-what a-like to my Vday post... I promised to feature about making customized shoes - so I did customized shows for the Vday. I think it would be a unique gift to my boyfie hubsy for the Vday.

Things you need:

1. Canvass shoes
          - There are variety of types of canvass shoes you can chose from, it just depends on your type, and of course the design must fit the shoes. If you want to long cut shoes (like Converse's Chucks) then you will
have to draw a bigger drawing on the sides and less on front. I personally prefer white color canvass shoes, but you can also choose other colors. For me, I chose a simple and cheap espadrille-like canvass shoes.

2. Decide on the design
         - I thought of many designs, like Xmen, etc, before I finally decided on King-Queen Deck design. You can have both shoes designed the same, or it could be different from each other. I think different from each other is more interesting. You must also consider the color and how you will put it on the canvass shoes. It is better to make a drawing on a paper first before pursuing further.

3. Colors
         -It is advised to use textile paint and brush, but it is easier to draw lines using a pen. I used both - textile paint and brush for coloring, and nonwashable ink and pen for lining and some colorings. You have to consider that the pen's ink must be NON-WASHABLE, or else the design will be ruined once wet. You also try your paint and ink or pen on a cloth similar to your canvass shoes' quality and color.

4. How to start
         -As I said, it is advisable to make a draft on a paper first. Once you're confident, you can now start drawing on the canvass shoes - using PENCIL FIRST!

My cousin did the layout pencil drawing for me

5. Trace it!
          -Once done with your pencil layout, you can now start tracing the lines using different colors according to your design. Be careful with how you put lines since some lines require thickness while other are suppose to be thin.

6. Color it!
          -After tracing the lines, you may now fill the gaps with spaces according to your design. It is easier to use paint and brush while coloring.

7. Let it dry!
           -You can sun dry, air dry or blow dry - which ever is convenient to you.


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