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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FHM Philippines Racist Cover

This was supposed to be the cover of FHM's March 2012 issue. Before releasing the final cover output, Bela Padilla's FHM cover was bombarded with criticisms saying that it is too racist. The cover featured Bela Padilla with dark-skinned women behind and beside her, with the caption saying "Bela Padilla Stepping Out of the Shadows". Bela and FHM publicly apologized for the negative impression the cover conveyed to the public. In the end, the magazine company cancelled the release and decided to change cover and featured celebrity. 


  1. Yikes. They should of thought of the social impact before releasing the cover huh? I can see how some people might be offended. Gorgeous black and white. Seattle Beauty and Fashion - Girlie Blog Seattle

  2. i like


  3. I like it. I don't think the whole team did it to discriminate but of course there are other people out there who were offended and had different interpretations. Good for FHM to consider the feelings of others to change their cover.

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