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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nique's 2012 Valentine's Day

Valentine's day! Woohoo! It was the day I was looking forward since the end of January. My hubsy and I had a very memorable V-day (or post v-day since we both had work on the v-day itself) last year so we wee both excited for this year's v-day.


What I wore: 
Black lose blouse from Folded & Hung
Printed leggings from Moda Mode
Customized shoes made by me & my cousin

I made my hubsy a gift - a customized shoes for the both of us. I bought an espadrille-like white canvass shoes, some textile paints, and looked for a cool design. I had many options: X-men, Capcom, etc. I finally decided on a king-queen design. The queen has a mole on her cheeck, as I have, and is wearing a red lipstick. The king is wearing Ray-band, something like that, sunglasses and is smoking. The other shoe is just heart and doodled waves.
I am so glad he liked my gift. He was truly surprised. I already told him about the gift and he expected cute-girlie stuffs drawn on the shoes, like a child's drawing. But honestly, I asked help from my cousin, Mikosh (click to check her blog).

I was also surprised when he gave me flowers - I know it's like a mandatory thing for boyfriends, but I just did not expect something from him. Aside from that, he also bought us tickets for a buffet dinner with acoustic performance. 

I ate plenty during the dinner, I guess I'm already very comfortable with my boyfie that it's not a big deal for the both of us. I enjoyed the food, music, and the company of my boyfie hubsy.

After the dinner, we took a walk in the city, grasping every moment we have together. We ended up having coffee, and went home at the exact end minute of the Valetine's Day.


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